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The biggest international meat and dairy companies could surpass ExxonMobil, Shell and BP as the world’s biggest climate polluters within the next few decades. At a time when the planet must dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, these global animal protein giants are driving consumption by ramping up their production and exports.

Whilst their operations are growing and their emissions steadily increase, major meat and dairy companies are also claiming to pursue ambitious “net zero” commitments – claims that make them look like they’re doing good for the planet.

A lack of public scrutiny and the failure of governments to regulate companies’ climate impacts are major barriers to setting and meeting meaningful corporate climate targets. Public scrutiny remains focused on the world’s fossil fuel giants, despite the livestock industry’s significant and growing greenhouse gas emissions.

As the UN Secretary General said at 2022’s UN climate conference: “We must have zero tolerance for net zero greenwashing.”

It is time to stop the Big Greenwash and create a just and sustainable food system.



Disclaimer: There is no suggestion that the companies we have studied are breaking any law.